Hunger Games

Deep in the meadow, hidden far away
A cloak of leaves, a moonbeam ray
Forget your woes and let your troubles lay
And when it's morning again, they'll wash away
Here it's safe, here it's warm
Here the daisies guard you from every harm
Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings them true
Here is the place where I love you.

Παρασκευή, 4 Μαρτίου 2011

All that I loved is gone.

Και καλωσορίζω το Μάρτιο με μία πολύ χειμερινή ανάρτηση. Πφ, μου τη δίνει που κάθε χρόνο λίγο πριν τα γενέθλιά μου πέφτω σε θλίψη.
Αυτό το τελείωσα σήμερα. Η καθηγήτρια τον μαθηματικών μου ισχυρίστηκε πως η κοπελιά μοιάζει με Κινέζα με στραβά μάτια, μα είναι Αγγλίδα μέχρι και την τελευταία σταγόνα του αίματός της :Ρ

Ο Μάρτιος δε μας ξεκίνησε καλά.
Μία η ζωγραφιά αυτή που με εκφράζει εως ένα βαθμό. Μία τα προβλήματα που έχει ο κολλητός μου και δεν ξέρω πως στο καλό να τον κάνω να σκάσει ένα χαμόγελο της προκοπής.=/ Tέλος πάντων... Ας προσπαθήσουμε να επιβιώσουμε... Μήνας είναι και αυτός, θα περάσει. ;)

She said,
"The moon has fallen into a sea of dirt, and all that I loved is gone."
They said,
"There is still the sea. The clouds. The earth."
She said,
"The ground slides, filthy and bedraggled, into the melting earth, and all that I loved is gone."
They said,
"There is still the sea. The clouds."
She said,
"The sea is but a stench - it devours but it does not live. All that I loved... is gone."
They said,
"But the clouds. We still have the clouds."
She said,
"The clouds are veils of sulphur and acid rain."
They said,
"We love the rain."
She said,
"All that I loved is gone."

Γιατί πάντα ότι αγαπάμε φεύγει; Μας αφήνει... Φοβάμαι. Δύο-τρία άτομα είναι που αγαπάω και θέλω να μείνουν γιατί απλά είναι ό,τι έχει απομείνει εδώ. Φοβάμαι πως θα φύγουν και αυτά. Ξέρω πως κανείς δεν είναι τέλειος ή μόνιμα καλός, αλλά εγώ φοβάμαι πως αυτή η μετριότητα που με διακατέχει θα τους διώξει όλους... =/

Τώρα, το επόμενο που ακολουθεί είναι η ιστορία της ζωγραφιάς που έφτιαξα...στα αγγλικά. Παρακαλώ δείξτε επιείκια για όποιο γραμματικό ή ορθογραφικό λάθος.

Charlotte was walking all alone, listening to music. Snow had fallen from the skies some days before. December has arrived lots of days before; it was nearly Christmas. She sighted. It was the first time in her life she felt completely alone. Like no one was there. It must have been this huge hole in her heart. No it's wasn't just one hole. They say about broken hearts, but Charlotte hurt a lot. Not only in her heart. Her hole body hurt, as it felt neglected.
Her heart hurt so much because she just broke up. It wasn't easy. They used to date for over 3 and a half years. He told her he loved her. He told her he would anything for her. He told her that he would be always there for her. And suddenly one day he came, telling her she didn't deserve him. And just like that, a three-year-old love faded.
As she walked, thinking about what made her cry and cry and cry, she saw a couple. 
He was tall, with black hair, glasses and blue eyes. He was very heavy dressed due to the cold weather of England. She was short for a woman, with really long, straight brown hair and hazel eyes. They were hand-in-hand. They looked so happy together. But Charlotte found familiar the man.
"It's you," she murmured stunned.
Yes, it was him. The one who used to be her boyfriend. He was with someone else now.
They passed right next to her and he didn't even glare at her. So, that how it felt when you see the one you truly love not giving a shit for you.
She remembered some of their moments together; the very first kiss, summer walks, holidays by sea together, eating ice-cream, exchanging Valentine's presents and the first time he said her he loved her: "I love you, Charlotte. Please trust me. I will never be the one who will break your heart".
Some tears appeared and Charlotte lost vision of the happy couple. It started snowing.